Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress Code

The Rainbow District School Board supports a dress/appearance code based on modesty. civility and health and safety in order to set a tone condusive to learning as well as being acceptable within the broader community. The School Council has examined the current dress/appearance code and has revised it as follows:

At Levack Public School the following criteria will be observed:

  • Students will dress in an appropriate manner for regular classroom programs which reflect their work place.
  • Clothing must be appropriate to the school setting, activity and season.
  • All clothing must be free of offensive or sexually suggestive slogans, vulgar language, messages which would be demeaning to any other person or group of people and visual representations of violence or substance abuse.
  • Clothing must not be shorter than mid-thigh at finger-tip length.
  • Tops should be long enough as to not reveal the midriff when arms are raised. No crop tops, muscle shirts, halter or tube tops.
  • Ripped pants exposing an inappropriate body area are not allowed.
  • All hats and head coverings should be removed upon entering the school barring medical and religious exemptions.

Students will dress appropriately for the activity.

All jewelry must be removed before participating in physical activities including all piercings since taping is no longer allowed during P.E. or other sports activities.
Gym clothing will include active wear and gym shoes must have non marking soles. Students’ names should be included on all equipment.

Students must wear footwear at all times.

  • Pupils are encouraged to have a pair of shoes or slippers for inside use only.
  • Gym shoes are acceptable.
  • Boots are recommended during the winter months.
  • Closed in shoes for outer summer wear.

Students should present themselves in an appropriate manner and observe the following:

  • All students from Grade 5 through Grade 8 will be expected to change for gym. Shorts, T-shirts and non marking shoes are required.
  • Indoor gym running shoes are required to take part in gym or, depending on the activity, bare feet may be a viable option.
  • Aerosol cans are not to be used at school.
  • Make-up is not to be applied during class time.
  • Some students and staff have allergies to perfumes therefore, perfume of any type is not permitted.