Allergen-Safe School Environment

Peanut-Safe/ Scent Free Schools

Many children have allergies. Some allergic reactions can be life threatening. This medical condition is called anaphylaxis. Some children, for example, are severely allergic to nut products, including peanut butter.  Even a tiny bit can be fatal within minutes.

Rainbow District School Board endeavours to make all parents aware that there are children in our school who may suffer from an anaphylaxis reaction. Although this may not affect your child’s class directly, we want to inform you and encourage you to send foods to school that are free from nuts and nut products. Among others, these foods include Nutella and Oreo Cakesters.  As well, we encourage all students and visitors to be scent free – no perfumes or scented body products please.

If you are the parent of a child with a life-threatening allergy, we need your cooperation in providing the school with current medical information and in developing a plan with your child’s principal to protect your child from danger. If you have not already done so, please contact the principal as soon as possible in the school year. Also contact the transportation consortium (521-1234) and alert your child’s bus driver regarding your child’s condition.

Rainbow District School Board promotes Allergen Educated schools in order to ensure that all students are safe, healthy and able to concentrate on learning. However, we cannot guarantee an “allergen” free environment. We do caution parents of an anaphylactic child that traces of certain products can be hidden ie: peanuts or peanut products; students can fail to recognize that they have allergen-causing products in their lunch and/or students may not admit that they have these products.